infertility issues

For women, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can have a negative impact on ovulation and menstrual cycles, which is essential for conception. Alcohol also depletes the body of vital vitamins and minerals and we know, we need good levels of nutrition to make a healthy embryo and baby.
A couple of years ago I was approached by a journalist writing a feature on male fertility. She was keen to include case studies of men who had been through cancer treatment and were therefore at risk of being infertile. Keen to start of my family sooner rather than later and eager to find out if I was among those infertile due to cancer I agreed to get involved.
Such an eye-opener for me was the existence of Natural and Mild IVF, as practised by the impressive Geeta Nargund at her Create Fertility clinics across the UK. The process involves the nurturing of just one or very few eggs during each cycle, rather than blasting the ovaries with drugs to stimulate many.
I have recently been touched by the various articles and blogs I have seen surrounding miscarriage, bravely written during Baby Loss Awareness Week. It's a subject incredibly close to my heart. Like many others, I have experienced loss. I have known pain and suffering and grief. You see, my son is a seventh round IVF miracle.
Many internet forums are devoted to the debate surrounding whether you should continue having intercourse during fertility treatment. Some doctors issue a blanket ban against it. I think this is crazy.
Each and every culture are known to have a unique set of rituals and festivals, so it didn't surprise me when I saw the Daily
I was honoured recently to speak on the same platform as Geeta Nargund, Founder and Medical Director of CREATE Fertilty. Organised by City Parents, a network for professional parents, the lunchtime event was attended by both men and women struggling to conceive. I was asked to talk about my personal journey through IVF.
I can honestly say, even though I did feel jealous, I was always happy for them. At first I would say, "Oh don't be silly, don't feel bad telling me! I am fine!" Finding myself comforting them through the experience of having to tell their defective friend they were getting their bundle of joy after only a couple of months of trying.
On Mother's Day last year, I remember being so excited for the future. I was hopeful that despite not yet being pregnant, it was imminent. It would be my last year without being a mother, or at least an expectant mother. If only it was that simple.
My husband and I met late, married soon after and began trying for a baby somewhere in between. We bought a house in leafy Chiswick, back when you could, settled in, and kept on trying. By the time I hit thirty-eight I was desperate for a child and it wasn't happening.