A "prominent and successful" professional sportsman is embroiled in a High Court action to prevent a newspaper publishing
Naked pictures of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge have been published by the Danish magazine Se Og Hoer. The celebrity glossy
Laurence Pieau has defended publication of the shots The grainy shots of Kate sunbathing were taken with a long lens camera
A Danish magazine has said it will publish pictures of Kate Middleton sunbathing topless in a bid to show Denmark "what these
The mother of Hugh Grant's baby daughter, Tinglan Hong, has taken out an injunction against paparazzi who have been harassing
The man behind children's website Moshi Monsters said the High Court decision granting Lady Gaga an injunction against their
When the convictions came through in the court trial over the death of Baby Peter in 2009 I had my own small experience of