The Conservative general election campaign can be condensed to one word: security. Years of Labour's sky high spending, particularly on benefits scroungers, resulted in a deep recession, bankrupting our country.
I dream of a day when victories for the LGBT Community can be achieved in our own Parliament, through democratic principles and mechanisms rather than having to constantly turn to the courts. It's a victory for justice and equality today, but the fact that we had to go to court at all leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.
Applying for jobs is my full time job. It has been almost a year since I last had a paid job and in my darkest days, it sometimes feels like I am never going to get out of that cycle. I recently took part in a project called BBC Generation 2015 and talked about how it felt like I didn't have a future...
vWhat I'm trying to say is that some of the toughest times I can remember don't necessarily come hand-in-hand with negative memories. I also recall the amazing nurses that cared for me when I was in pot from toe to crotch, and getting excited about how much space there was to sign both my legs with permanent marker pen! The NHS were successful in making a big medical journey as fun and friendly as they possibly could, and I will always be grateful for that.
We simply want a government that acts as serious about the environment as many of my generation, and which realises that it's not a bad thing to research new energy technologies, research their cardboards, and aim at the long-term goals for once.
We need to protect and respect our immigrants and minority group instead of attacking them and alienating them all the time. I'm not suggesting we open our doors to everyone in the world. Controlling immigrations is important but it's about how we control it.
With little logic to Northern Ireland's exclusion in the leader's debates, as a young Northern Irish voter this was somewhat concerning given that it is Northern Irish representatives who are waving the flag for me in our British Government.
We have a basic right to exercise these freedoms, yet our current Prime Minister seems hell-bent on restricting access to such freedoms from those who weren't born prior to 1993.
I am so fed up with Northern Ireland being tip-toed around internationally because of the past. This is a cross-community issue which is being painted Orange and Green, as usual. Speaking out against the DUP's attempts to institutionalise homophobia does not implicitly align anyone with the Nationalist parties, or Sinn Fein.