innocence of muslims

If I'm honest, I have to say that, listening to your belligerent rhetoric and watching your violent behaviour, I struggle to recognise the Islam in which you profess to believe. My Islamic faith is based on the principles of peace, moderation and mercy.
Iran has restored widespread access to Gmail after it cut its ties to Google in the wake of a controversial anti-Islamic
Yes, the violent protests in the Middle East are upsetting but so are these equally violent hate crimes in the streets of London and Manchester. Radicalism and violence are not reserved for Muslims; here we see white men (79% of perpetrators of hate crimes were white men) being just as radical and violent.
The riots taking place in many Muslim majority countries are contributing to a growing polarisation between 'the West' and Islam. Three factors mean this will only get worse - and remedy is needed.
A government minister in Pakistan has offered $100,000 bounty for the death of the maker of the 'Innocence of Muhammad' film
The protests have entered their second week Friday was the bloodiest day of the protests so far. In Bangladesh, 10,000 protesters
Large protests against an anti-Islamic film have taken place across the West Midlands. Hundreds of people gathered in Birmingham
Protestors are angry at Barack Obama despite attempts by the White House to distance themselves from the film Pakistani police
French schools in up to 20 countries have closed amid fears of a violent backlash against the publication of offensive cartoons
The British protests against Rushdie's novel and these more recent protests are commonly understood in terms of the free speech versus religious offence argument. But it is important to think beyond this limiting binary to attain a greater degree of intercultural understanding in twenty-first century Britain.