innocence of muslims

An Edinburgh woman killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan sent a poignant tweet on the day she returned to the country's
French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has printed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, less than one year after being firebombed
Emotion is running high. Anti-American anger may jeopardise the sensitive and volatile relationship between America and the newly-emerging democracies in the Arab world, so recently birthed during the Arab Spring.
Because of an imbecilic reaction to an equally imbecilic film, there are some commentators in the West who would, apparently, be prepared to fatally compromise the free speech that underpins our democracy.
Instead of unreservedly condemning the violence and defending free expression, however, a number of Western commentators have sunk into a swamp of half-baked liberalism that appears to believe only in the necessity of committing cultural suicide as hastily as possible.
A female suicide bomber detonated as a minibus full of foreigners in Kabul stopped to refuel on the major road leading to
An Iranian religious leader has called for Salman Rushdie's death, 23 years after a fatwa was first issued against the "blasphemous
The American filmmaker supposedly behind an anti-Islamic film which has caused violent protest and embassy attacks across
The poorly dubbed film reportedly cost $5m and had a cast of 59 actors Various obscene references appear to have been dubbed