Gareth Williams crammed his life with secrets - in and out of work. The 31-year-old excelled as a spy, producing "world-class
The coroner investigating the death of MI6 spy Gareth Williams is to rule out unlawful killing as the cause of his death
A bereaved mother sobbed as she told an inquest she bought a £100 gift voucher for an NHS nurse in the hope of better care
A woman's wig hanging on a chair caught the attention of the policeman sent to Gareth Williams's flat to check on the missing
Relatives of an MI6 spy found in a holdall are to demand answers over the death of agent Gareth Williams, and whether he
A group of passengers travelling on an ill-fated plane may not have known when it began to nose-dive and then crashed into
The mother of a teenage air cadet killed on a training flight said he was "utterly failed" by the RAF, after an inquest jury
An inquest into the death of a Red Arrows pilot who was killed after being ejected from his aircraft at the team's base is
The jury has returned a verdict: Raoul Moat committed suicide. He gave a lot of reasons during his final hours. One of them was having no dad. He knew nothing about his dad, apart from maybe a first name. His birth certificate listed no father and he told people his dad was from France. He wasn't.
Raoul Moat said he would "take the shoot-out" rather than go back to jail, an inquest has heard. The gunman was on the run