insomnia treatment

Sleep research tells us that good sleep boosts our immune system, which protects us from coughs and colds. It regulates the hormones that control our appetite, helping us to maintain a healthy weight. Good sleep also regulates our mood and so helps to combat feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.
I've battled insomnia for a decade off and on. It's hard to know whether something triggered it specifically, but there were a few emotionally traumatic events that took place around the time it first reared its nagging head.
Two nights of poor sleep can impair the function of blood vessels, a study has found. Scientists believe that over a long
With him being a world famous rapper and singer, you’d expect Eminem’s A-list demands to be pretty impressive. However, forget
Whether you're indulging in a night of unbridled passion or simply slipping under freshly washed sheets after a busy day
British people are a nation of insomniacs, according to a recent sleep study. The Mental Health Foundation found that nearly
According to a couple of news reports from Britain, the ongoing financial crises - and the stress they cause to everyone from bank executives to everyday investors - are taking a toll on health, well being, and sleep.