intelligent devices

Using mobile phones simply for phone conversations is such an old-fashioned idea, right? These devices have evolved into smartphones that are now mobile information hubs for our needs on the go. Interestingly, many of us think of cars primarily as transportation to get us from point A to B. Similar to the evolution of mobile phones, we won't be thinking of our cars as so for long!
Simply selling more device units will not result in the massive spike in profits manufacturers are hoping for as they make a play to compete in the Internet of Things (IoT).
Device Manufacturers have seen better days. Razor thin margins. Increased competition. Globalization. All of these forces have allied, making it harder to make a profit. But just when things were at their bleakest for device manufacturers, the dawning of the age of the "Internet of Things" - Internet-connected devices powered by software - promises to transform the industry.
To be a device manufacturer in today's marketplace can be brutal. Increased competition from new players on the world stage