In a world of ever changing video technology and demanding client needs, companies have to constantly consider how digital
From Saturday using text messaging on their mobile phones Tokyoites will be able to talk to the famous outdoor vending machines, street mirrors and any other city object with a serial code. As the objects wake up, they will learn from Tokyo's inhabitants and share back the stories they hear.
Some stories are best told with visualisation... They aren't flashy; they are simple and designed to convey key information quickly... The amount of data being generated by the World Cup lets us explore anything.
I perform an award-nominated comedy mind reading show (I Can Make You A Mentalist) which is part comedy sketch show, part mind reading show in which all of the mind tricks are performed by a random audience member and the one of first things potential ticket buyers say to me is "If I come, promise you won't pick on me". I find this mindset worrying...
It will be interesting to see whether Virgin paves the way for more experiential retail strategies - as technology continues to evolve, this is undoubtedly something we'll be seeing more and more of. With 2013 just around the corner, are we set for the year of 'sensory retail'?
I remember clearly my first trip to New York City. I was seven and in awe of the skyscrapers and the sense of possibility. I remember too my uncle lying down on the floor to take a photo, which my younger, well-behaved self found shocking.
If one were to take a break from searching through job adverts on line, and instead searched for, 'pornography,' on Google, one would be inundated with websites devoted to sex in all its forms.
Last Thursday on the eve of the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony, Acer invited me to the opening of their Interactive Pavilion in the Olympic Park.
This is one beer advert many will want to toast. During the opening few seconds you’ll probably admire the moody atmosphere
Here's the deal. These days, when a news firm puts out a recruitment ad for a reporter, they are not just asking for a writer. They most likely also want a blogger and a tweeter, who may even code and design, all rolled into one package deal.