Today's news environment is different from that faced by the generation that wrote the original crisis comms rulebook; social media are becoming more dominant, driven by the increasing accessibility of cheap smartphones globally.
Recently the International Olympic Committee (IOC) launched the Athletes' Hub, a social media platform designed to bring athletes and fans closer together. A lot has been written about the goals and functionality behind the platform so I won't go over that again; instead I thought it would be interesting to ask why many large businesses don't do the same thing?
Internal communications should be an important consideration for any PR company when conducting a PR campaign, particularly during such times when the economic environment is unstable and consumer confidence is low.
I hear that staff at the BBC's new offices in Salford have been banned from having rubbish bins at their desks, in an attempt to encourage them to 'move around a bit more'. While it might seem a bit is good to see an organisation both recognise and promote the idea of employees interacting more with their colleagues.