international aid

David Cameron is to appear on one of the US's most influential TV shows to "bang the drum for Britain" and encourage Americans
Severe flooding has reached the capital Niamey over the holy Islamic Ramadan holiday weekend of Eid-ul-Fitr displacing thousands of people and destroying numerous homes. Just over 161mmrain fell overnight Saturday 19 August 2012.
Tory backbencher Peter Bone left ministers and MPs furious after blocking an attempt to enshrine the UK's commitment to spend
I'd been in Kabul four weeks and still couldn't decide if I was completely mad. It was certainly a captivating environment to work in, so incredibly different, such an insight into a torn and troubled country.
Development charities have voiced disappointment that today's Queen's Speech did not include a commitment to enshrine in
More than half of Europe's development aid budget is going to "middle-income" countries which should not qualify, MPs have
The Government has been urged to drop its drive for increasing aid to help developing foreign countries by a group of Lords
The Red Cross is to be allowed access to the Baba Amr region of Homs, after President Assad's regime indicated they would
Tony Blair has insisted that British overseas aid "really does work" and is helping to save hundreds of thousands of lives
The amount of British aid lost to fraud and corruption could rise because of changes to how the money is targeted, an influential