International Peace Day

The World Peace Day has come and gone. For many it is a time of celebration and for others it is the annual time to do some
In our increasingly uncertain world, more than one in five people's lives are affected by the rising conflicts, over 40 wars are being fought and we face the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time. Those who believe in division and foster hatred have grabbed the microphone and are dominating the airwaves. It is time that all those who work quietly for peace raise their voices more loudly too if we are to be heard over the cacophony of hatred.
Last night I had a dream that you were free. Together with your daughters, I stood with my two siblings in the front row and waited for you to come through a door. You fell to your knees the moment you stepped through that door, but your girls ran to pick you up and gave you the biggest embrace ever.
The Conquest of Happiness promises to be an unforgettable experience. Following the premiere in Derry it will travel to Eastern Europe with its cast of multi-national and multi-talented actors, alongside local singers, before returning to Belfast in October.
When I took on the role of curating films4peace - art films by some of today's most innovative contemporary artists, visually interpreting the subject of peace - I had to ask myself many questions. How does one visually represent peace? Can it be represented at all?
The sight of a group of kids enjoying some food in the sun, listening to music and playing a bit of basketball isn't such