The Olympics are over, thank goodness. While it is a wonderful opportunity for athletes, some treat the Olympics as a reflection
It's clear that last week's London Family Planning Summit was a success. The vibe at the Summit was electric with many global leaders making big promises. A massive well done to Melinda Gates, who nudged world leaders to pledge more $2.8 billion in support of family planning up to 2020.
At the weekend, I went to the World Egg Throwing Championships in a very large field at Swaton in Lincolnshire. There were teams from Germany, Greece, Holland, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, the UK and the USA.
During the international cock waggling competition between Britain and Argentina, the unfortunate Falkland islanders have sat quietly in the middle being ignored.
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict affects the lives of people far beyond the narrow strip of land that both sides are fighting over. It dominates the international agenda, preoccupying diplomats and statesmen from around the world, most of whom probably wish that this problem would just go away.
As Formula One heads toward the inaugural Indian Grand Prix next week, the details of lingering tax implications still percolate