internet bullying

A father today has been found guilty of sending a Labour MP rape messages after she backed a campaign to put Jane Austen
Cyberbullying presents a vicious circle for educators and parents who are often cutout of the process without even the knowledge of the bullying taking place. Traditional bullying is far easier for parents and educators to intervene in. Educating students and parents alike about the dangers of Internet usage and ensuring the lines of dialogue and support remain open must be a top priority for educators as part of their pedagogic duty.
Are you fed up with all the hateful, hurtful rubbish that's in nearly every comments section on the internet? Me too. So I've come up with a solution. The 'say it to their face' rule.
The critical thing which needs to be done is that parents, guardians, teachers and friends need to take more responsibility to protect individuals who are young (and vulnerable) to ensure that they do not receive any abuse. These people can act as the 'Watchdogs', but they must understand how the internet works...
We are now beginning to realise that, on occasion, social networking and other websites can not only be unhelpful but positively obstructive. They can also, on occasion, be positively aggressive and combative to victims of abuse.