Internet Explorer

This is 'Project Spartan'. It's Microsoft's new app that'll replace Internet Explorer. That's right, Internet Explorer is
Microsoft has announced that it is finally killing-off Internet Explorer. That's right, the once-beloved (we assume?) browser
The arrival of Windows 10 will be a global event, and we don't just mean that in terms of hype. It quite literally will affect
Google Chrome is now officially more popular than Internet Explorer, go figure. According to new data from Adobe's Digital
If, for some reason, you're still using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, you really should read this. A new 'zero day vulnerability
Veiwing this using Chrome? You might want to switch to Safari or Firefox after reading this. Software developer, Elliott
Microsoft has released a new advert for Internet Explorer which might just make you cry - if you were born between 1984 and
Get ready to stop working: Atari and Microsoft have released an 'arcade' of classic games for free. Celebrating Atari's 40th
Writer and director Edgar Wright is known for his much-loved TV and movie work such as Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz
A retailer has imposed a 'tax' for users who buy products with Internet Explorer 7. Microsoft's old browser is reviled by