internet voting

Speaking to the Assembly of French Citizens Abroad recently, French President Emmanuel Macron announced his intention to offer electronic voting in the next consular elections, due to take place in 2020. He argued that French overseas voters, who did not have the option of casting an online vote, were notably absent in the 2017 election
Following this year's Trade Union Act, which included a requirement for a minimum 50% turnout on ballots for industrial action, the UK Government recently announced the start of an independent review into whether trade union members should have access to electronic voting alongside traditional paper-based methods.
It isn't fair to say that people are "apathetic" or just "don't care" as some commentators may have you believe. These are important elections, important decisions. People do care about the direction of issues such as social care, education, and policing, it's borderline crazy to claim otherwise. So we need solutions, and sustainable ones at that.
So yes, it is fair to say that our current methods of voting in the UK are incredibly out-dated and simply do not reflect the culture change that has occurred in the Google Generation.