Either way, jobs in the media go to the well-to-do. But the worst is not over, because then, they start to write. Or edit, or produce or present. Yes, the future of our media is in the hands of those whom, at the age of 21, have - factoring in living expenses - around 15 grand to blow.
In today's tough economic climate there are 20,000 out of work graduates all desperately vying for what seems like that ever-elusive job. As a result, internships are fiercely fought over in an attempt to add some much needed experience to a C.V. This is a fact of the job market today.
"There comes a time in life when you have a choose between two sets of principles; power and privilege, or justice and truth
Elected officials cannot escape being held accountable forever and I would be surprised if, given his recent record, Mr Clegg's party think that the voters of Sheffield Hallam will give him another chance come the next election.
The state of the economy means that young people have to work harder now to get that first step on the career ladder. While employers expect more, gaining the necessary skills to be considered for junior roles in today's fast-paced and demanding working environments actually benefits everyone.
It was a week of small victories for the Right to Work campaign, starting last weekend with the temporary closure of a small Tesco store in Westminster that had been encircled by its protestors, continuing with the supermarket chain's subsequent decision to pay people on the government's controversial (as it must now seemingly always be prefixed) Get Britain Working programme, and ending with Burger King deciding to pull out of the scheme altogether.
The Trades Union Congress (TUC) estimates that British workers collectively perform 1,968 million hours of unpaid overtime a year, meaning that this morning marks a momentous occasion in many people's calendars.
By casting payment for work as an unaffordable luxury, the emphasis on skills building and increasing employability at any cost has done a disservice to thousands of graduates who cannot afford to pay the price, and are foregoing opportunities to reach for the first rung of the ladder in white collar industries.
Study Abroad schemes offered by many universities across the world have become increasingly popular over the past couple
Youth employment is back on the agenda again and, with it, the issue of interns should be being discussed. It is not a tenable position, and when another year of graduates flood the market it will reach an epidemic.