Today marks the 322nd birthday of British inventor, John Harrison. For centuries now Harrison's story has captured the public's imagination: the working class joiner and watchmaker who won against the Goliath might of the astrological community.
Some inventions are practical attempts to solve real problems. Others are essentially frivolous, but end up making a genuine
The man credited with inventing the doner kebab has died. Today the world gives thanks to the man whose creation has helped
At our creative agency we receive speculative approaches from inventors every week who want to turn an idea into something more tangible. To determine their chances of success, we have a well-proven screening process that focuses on five key questions.
It is 125 years since the inventor of television was born, on August 13 1888. John Logie Baird, from Helensburgh in Argyll
We can be proud of the long list of inventions that hail from these islands: the steam engine, railways, steel production, the electric motor, radio, computers, antibiotics, radar, DNA research, industrial automation and the worldwide web have all have their roots in pioneering British work. A Japanese survey once found that 56 per cent of the world's greatest inventions come from these shores.
Thirty years ago on Monday, President Reagan made Thomas Edison's birthday 'National Inventor's Day' in the USA. One day I believe it will be consumers who are the inventors. Consumers who are dissatisfied or frustrated by brands will directly influence what Nike, Proctor and Gamble and others develop.