If the label says, "angora" or "wool" or "leather", please remember that the garment began as a living being - and leave it on the shelf. The only way to ensure that a piece of clothing (or anything else for that matter) is cruelty-free is to shop animal-free.
Follow the money; an old investigative adage that says the money trail will ultimately lead to those at the heart of a crime. However, does this hold for all crimes? Particularly those online or those possessed of an extremely skewed value system.
Tesco said it was "horrified" to hear that customers found maggots crawling in a box in the confectionery aisle of one of
The FBI is investigating how hackers managed to send a fake Associated Press tweet announcing an attack on the White House
Illusions are worth shattering when they involve cruelty. It comes as a shock to many to learn that hundreds of thousands of pigeons are tossed into the air even when storms are predicted along their flight paths, and the fact that many will perish is well known to the racers.
Police are investigating a fox attack on a one-month-old baby boy which left his hand seriously injured. The animal tore
Five hospital trusts are to be investigated over high death rates following a scathing report which laid bare the "disaster
North Korea is ruled by the only dictatorship in the world that is both a dynasty and, in its own propaganda, a deity. If you worship anything other than the Kim family, you end up in one of the prison camps, or kwan-li-so.
Scotland Yard has launched an official investigation into historic claims of child abuse after an MP alleged that a "senior
A 45-year-old was arrested on suspicion of murder in the North East on Saturday after a man and a woman in their 60s were