According to the folk tale, a frog will remain in a pot of water, brought to a boil-as long as the water is heated slowly. While probably false, it provides an apt metaphor for adapting to phenomena which change incrementally over time
"South Africa, the country that we all love, is in dire need of dramatic political and economic changes."
So to the triumphant and triumphalist Brexiteers I would sound a small note of caution. I genuinely, genuinely, hope you're right. Sometimes I believe the Prime Minister, and sometimes I believe that with luck and a fair wind we will soon embark on a period in which, liberated from the shackles of Brussels, our entrepreneurial spirit returns, our productivity is transformed, our economy booms and everything goes swimmingly. Fingers crossed. But let's wait and see before we get complacent, eh?
Buffett taught me that if one wishes to build wealth they should build businesses and that makes sense. The average S&P 500 company has a yield of about 1.5% after all, so if you were aiming to earn an income of say $100,000 per year you would need about $1.66 million worth of stock to earn that through dividend.
Though I find investing is right for me investing is not for everybody. If you are interested in investing though please seek independent advice from a qualified professional, it could be the start of something great.
Do you know why most startups fail in the first year? Because it usually takes longer than a year to build real traction and create a successful business, something many entrepreneurs totally underestimate.
I'm often asked by people how they should make the perfect investment pitch. They want to know all manner of things from what material to bring along, what financial figures are most important, right down to how many Powerpoint slides they should use!
There is a lot of buzz right now in the website-building industry. Weebly, the eight-year old startup, has recently been valued at $455m after its latest round of funding from Chinese Internet giant Tencent and venture capital firm Sequoia Capital.