Inxeba (The Wound)

The movie is no longer classified as pornography.
'This vindicates the position taken by the film team all along.'
Crystal-Donna Roberts and Nakhane are in France for the prestigious festival.
John Trengrove took home the Golden Horn for best director, and the film won best scriptwriting and best editing.
The Film and Publications Board is "reverting to being an extension of a nanny state".
“There is no movie that has to be banned that can equate to 'Inxeba', because 'Inxeba' is not porn – it is a movie.”
The Film and Publications Board says it is waiting for a breakdown from the appeals committee that revised "Inxeba (The Wound)" to an X18 rating.
The silent protest was lead by campaigners who believe the banning of "Inxeba (The Wound)" was unfair.
"I sat in my apartment reading the verdict, close to tears, shaking."
South Africa's Congress of Traditional Leaders played a major role in the effective banning of "Inxeba (The Wound)".