Inxeba (The Wound)

A meeting to discuss controversial "Inxeba (The Wound)" saw amaZulu and amaXhosa representatives condemn the now-banned film again.
Many black males find it hard to believe that black people can be gay. It’s embarrassing. Once again, masculinity is at it.
If people are going to attack the film, they need to get the facts correct, and that means actually watching the film first.
Malusi Bengu and Thando Mgqolazana show great talent in what looks like their screenwriting debut.
Being gay is often considered a betrayal of religious and traditionalist dogma.
The app was built to reduce the number of young men who die at illegal initiation schools.
The Eastern Cape cooperative governance and traditional affairs department says they are still working on ways to ensure that initiation deaths "decline".
Although screenings have been suspended in some parts of the country, the movie is showing in most areas.