Traditional leaders launched a late-night court bid to stop the film from returning to cinemas.
Cinemagoers keen to see the award-winning South African film no longer have to find "adult" cinemas screening it; it can be shown to adults in any theatre.
New X18 classification means the film can only be seen in adult cinemas.
Ingozi kukuba ngoku amaXhosa aziintlekisa ezizweni kuba zicinga ukuba yeyona ndlela liqhutywa ngayo eli siko lakwaXhosa.
The 2018 movie season gets up and running this weekend; you can start ticking off the year's top five...
Many black males find it hard to believe that black people can be gay. It’s embarrassing. Once again, masculinity is at it.
The cancellation of the film's screenings at two cinemas in Eastern Cape after threats of violence has resulted in a complaint being lodged with the SAHRC. 
If people are going to attack the film, they need to get the facts correct, and that means actually watching the film first.
Malusi Bengu and Thando Mgqolazana show great talent in what looks like their screenwriting debut.
Being gay is often considered a betrayal of religious and traditionalist dogma.