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Apple's new iOS beta has revealed that the company will bring a significantly more diverse range of emojis to the keyboard
If you were thinking of splashing out on a pro-app for your iPhone or iPad then now might be the time to do it as over the
Just as we were about to rule out the idea of Apple releasing a larger iPad Pro this image has surfaced showing what appears
This is Type Nine, it's an iPhone keyboard that uses the same T9 keyboard that your Nokia 3310 used to have. Why would you
Apple's iPhone debut in China is not proving to be the smoothest of launches as a security firm in California has just discovered
Deadline is an app designed to do one thing: terrify you into living a healthier life by showing you when you'll die. How
As part of its switch to Android 5.0, Google has been looking at its core apps and how they can change them for the better
Apple has unveiled a new iMac with a staggering 27-inch 5K display, making it the highest-resolution display in the world
With the iPhone 6 now out in the world attention has turned to the company's next expected launch, the iPad Air 2 and the
A rare 64GB iPhone 6 prototype appeared on eBay reaching £100k in bids before it was pulled by the seller. The iPhone was