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A California-based company called Rehabs has unveiled an online app which will reportedly show you how your face looks after
Ansa is a messaging app that lets you delete messages even after they've been sent providing the perfect solution to those
Humin is a new app -- launching today on the US App Store -- which wants to revolutionise the iPhone. And it might just do
Forgot that you locked your baby in a stifling hot car? Need to be reminded before that baby literally dies? There's an app
One of the perennial irritations with using an iPhone is the odd insistence it has on keeping a load of useless, official
If you've ever needed to draw up a floor plan, whether it's to sell your house, size up new furniture or just finish off
If you've played Flappy Bird, you're probably looking for another viral hit to waste time with. So why not stick with Gears
SwiftKey - the famed Android predictive keyboard - has launched on Apple's iOS App Store, albeit in a somewhat diminished
'Slayin' is the latest fun little game to take the paid App Store by storm, it's still apparent that most people aren't very
Apple has announced that more than 40 billion apps have been downloaded from its iOS App Store. The milestone was reached