The BBC hasn't ruled out using the iD to enforce the licence fee.
The BBC has announced that anyone who wants to watch iPlayer from early 2017 will need to log in.  To set up an account, viewers
If you choose to only watch the BBC’s content on iPlayer then we’ve got some bad news, you’re going to need to start paying
The BBC is expected to announce it will shut down its Red Button service and reduce sports coverage as part of £150 million
Since its inception, television has been a unifying social force, bringing family, friends and different groups of people
You sit back in your armchair, pick up the television remote control and click the screen on. After a moment of warming up, the picture displays itself into your house, with the volume slightly too loud from the last time you were watching telly, and you hurriedly press the minus key to try and get the sound to pipe down a bit. It only works after you smack the batteries on the back and jab a little bit of life into them...
Last Sunday night, DISH Network viewers who pay monthly US$9.95 to watch weekly four back-to-back episodes were rudely alerted to the news that EastEnders would not be available.
As I languish in a town where I could count acquaintances of a similar age on one hand, working a zero-hour contract which my degree and successful school did little to prepare me for, the real world has somewhat lost its rosiness.
These days I've become increasingly bored of television formats and much prefer the company of my laptop, the neighbours cat (who wanders through my conservatory in a daily escape bid from captivity) and a mug of beef tea.