Nadine Dorries has launched a stinging attack on the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa), after it announced
It may be an unfashionable take given trust in our parliament fell to new depths in 2012, with less than a quarter of people tending to trust the UK parliament to make important decisions, but politics does a lot of very important things- and therefore so do MPs.
It's the kind of headline that could almost have you wondering whether you had one too many after all on New Year's Eve, and have just woken from a long and boozy slumber to find it's April Fool's Day already. Check the date - it's not 1 April, and these people mean it.
MPs have told the watchdog reviewing their pay that they deserve a 32% hike to £86,250, leading to accusations they are living
The parliamentary expenses watchdog was being urged to let MPs claim for mortgage interest payments again months before the
Lower salaries for "part-time" MPs who have other jobs are among proposals being considered by a far-reaching review of Westminster
MPs are paid too much and do not work hard enough, according to a majority of people surveyed for a poll published on Thursday
MP Nadine Dorries has taken to Twitter to silence critics who have accused her of wrongdoing after accusations she paid her
Voters are to be asked how much MPs should be paid as part of a review into their pay and pensions. In the past the salary
People working for politicians have welcomed a decision by the parliamentary expenses watchdog to recommend a £15m increase
MPs have backed down from calling for the independent expenses watchdog to be broken up amid continuing anger over the administration
MPs' expenses watchdog Ipsa has published information about 20 members of parliament whose expenses it probed - and revealed
The expenses system for MPs is so inefficient that it costs more to process some claims that the value of the claim itself
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The new Commons expenses watchdog is refusing to name MPs under investigation for dubious claims because