Two decades on, it's hard to imagine the BBC and others operating a blanket media ban similar to the one twenty years ago. Many would argue that the Thatcher ban backfired, and actually made viewers pay more, not less, attention to McGuinness and others. Perhaps that's why it's never been tried again since.
When the Queen shakes the hand of Martin McGuinness in Northern Ireland it will mark a significant moment in history. While
The Queen has begun her historic visit to Northern Ireland in Enniskillen, arriving to crowds cheering - despite torrid weather
The Queen will visit Northern Ireland on Tuesday for a Diamond Jubilee tour and an historic meeting with Martin McGuinness
Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness meeting with the Queen next week is an effort to reach out to unionists in Northern Ireland
I recently watched Safe House, an espionage thriller about a former intelligence service officer who goes on the run to guard a deadly secret. Most of these thrillers are just the same humdrum storyline rehashed, but at least this film was clearly written by someone who knows something about the job.
A memorial to two children killed in an IRA bomb has been stolen from a town centre by suspected metal thieves. A plaque
Fresh evidence that police could have intercepted the Omagh bombers before they committed the atrocity has been uncovered
The husband of a census worker who was shot dead while collecting forms has put up a £20,000 reward for help to catch her
An SAS soldier manufactured an account of the shooting of two IRA members to cover up the use of excessive force, it was