Iran nuclear weapons

Armed with the crude childlike diagram of a bomb, Mr Netanyahu sought to press home to the delegates in attendance the necessity of joining him in his mission to take military action against Iran before it get its hands on a nuclear weapon.
Netanyahu will hope his speech further galvanises the already considerable international efforts to pressure Iran through sanctions and diplomacy to stop enrichment, at least to the 20% level. Netanyahu knows that the international community is keen to prevent Iran getting a bomb, but also to prevent Israel from resorting to military action.
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sparked a confused internet reaction to his United Nations speech - which involved
A senior MI6 chief paid a secret visit to Israel in order to urge the country not to take military action against Iran over
Ronny Edry, and his daughter, in their anti-war campaign It wasn't long before Iranians living abroad began to send similar
While it is unlikely that anyone bar Silverstein's source and perhaps a few insiders could state with any authority whether or not his alleged leak is a sure thing or a red herring - and in the long run, it doesn't matter.
Those who brought us Britain's role in Iraq plan a fresh war of illusion. The drumbeats are sounding and excitement is mounting as the boys anticipated playing again with the toys.
Barely a week goes past without an article being published discussing the feasibility and likelihood of an imminent Israeli attack on Iran - a matter receiving further prominence as in Baghdad this week, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (plus Germany) will meet with Iran to discuss its nuclear ambitions.
The prediction made by right-thinking individuals during the 20th century that proliferation would be an inevitable consequence of the existence of nuclear weapons has come to bear.
I'm not saying Iran with a nuke would be good news. I just think that the hysteria is hypocrisy. Don't you?