Iran nuclear weapons

David Cameron has accepted that Afghanistan will not be "a perfect democracy" by the time British troops return home, but
Cameron's government, on its part must make it clear to the Ayatollahs that any terror attacks on British soil will be met with a swift, decisive and precise action against Iran's main economic and industrial centres.
The decisions relating to Iran at this moment in history will have far reaching consequences that could affect every man, women and child in the world and must be the decision and resolution of the widest multilateral coalition that is possible.
Six countries, including the US and the UK, are to recommence multi-lateral talks with Iran over its suspected nuclear weapons
There is a narrative currently gaining primacy vis-à-vis Iran's nuclear program.
Iran is holding its first elections since 2009. even as the leaders of its main opposition group remain under house arrest
It is difficult not to see the looming crisis on Iran through any other optics other than our experience in Iraq. So much of the commentary on the left is falling into this trap.
The arguments are stacked in favour, however, of Iran not intending to strike Israel, despite the bellicose rhetoric. For starters, it would be the largest mass suicide note in history.
Iran has announced it is cutting oil exports to six European countries ahead of sanctions imposed by the EU. State TV said
For the first time, Iran has loaded nuclear fuel rods made on Iranian soil into a research reactor at a ceremony attended
Iran is ready to halt oil exports to the EU before sanctions over its nuclear programme can be imposed, the country's parliament
World leaders, then, have continued to characterise Iran as a threat or a menace intent on some kind of destruction.
Iranian bloggers Saeed Malekpour and Vahid Asghari are to be executed on charges of spreading corruption. Journalists Shahram
Iran is ready to discuss its nuclear programme with world powers, according to the country's president. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Liam Fox has warned that the current standoff with Iran is "potentially very serious", but believes it's unlikely that Israel
Europe meets to tighten sanctions against Iran going further than before by imposing embargo on its oil. The Global community
An Iranian nuclear scientist has been killed by magnetic car bombs amid rising international tension over the country’s nuclear
Iran's enrichment of nuclear material at an underground facility represents a "further escalation" of its violation of UN
An American man has been sentenced to death in Iran for allegedly spying for the CIA, it has been reported. The semi-official
Rattling a sabre whenever Washington says so is the most humiliating idiocy. Do any of Britain's leaders really think further economic sanctions will stop Iran's nuclear programme? I cannot believe it.