Iran nuclear weapons

If it is true that wars begin in the minds of men then Iran and Western powers have been at a state of war for some time. Martial rhetoric has been accompanied by steady military build-up and unprecedented diplomatic shut-down as each side throws away their steering wheel in this most dangerous of games of chicken.
Iran has warned the United States not to return an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf after Tehran conducted 10 days of
If reminders of the bestial nature of the mullahs' regime were needed, events in Tehran last week did not disappoint.
The British embassy in Tehran has been stormed by dozens Iranian students chanting "death to England" and calling for the
Britain's diplomatic relations with Iran are set to grow increasingly frosty after the Iranian parliament voted to downgrade
With the release of the IAEA report that essentially confirms Iran's much suspected scramble for nuclear weapons to be well underway, a host of opinion pieces have been appearing in the British media to try and sway public opinion against any kind of intervention being taken against the Iranian threat.
Unless there is a major change in Iran's strategic calculus, which is not foreseeable at the moment, it is time to start thinking about policies to deal with a nuclear Iran.
Unconfirmed reports have suggested that Israeli agents were behind an explosion at an Iranian military base that killed 17
Wise counsel such as this was largely ignored in the run up to the war in Iraq, and such were the consequences that few thought such blundering would ever occur again.
Presented to the IAEA's board of governors in Vienna today, the report is not the "smoking gun" widely seen as necessary to trigger military strikes on Iran, but it is nonetheless being heralded in some quarters as a watershed moment in the standoff between Iran and the West.