Irish Sea

Kwasi Kwarteng suggests Brexit secretary was wrong to say there would be.
DUP MPs and Sylvia Hermon rage at PM over regulatory border in Irish Sea as loyalist groups condemn Johnson "betrayal".
When we look back, it will be clear that 2017 was the moment everything changed
The row over the UK’s post-Brexit border with Ireland intensified today as politicians from both countries set out contrasting
Aftershocks from two earthquakes that struck in the Irish Sea may be felt for days to come, it has been claimed. The Irish
These dramatic pictures show how an RAF crew battled howling winds and lashing rain to rescue a seriously injured French
Reports of a baby fallen from a ferry in Northern Ireland are now understood to be untrue, and a 37-year-old woman has been
A search has resumed for a baby believed to have fallen from a ferry in Northern Ireland. Eyewitnesses said the child was
The coastguard has confirmed that one body has been recovered after a cargo vessel sank in the Irish Sea. Earlier, two seamen