Iron Lady

She had been an ever-present since becoming Prime Minister
Theresa May has vanished from the front of the Conservative website since losing her party its majority in the General Election
We're on the 14:06 train Brighton-bound. Outside the sky is a pallid shade of grey and a handful of snowflakes begin to float down. Spring is nowhere to be seen.
Margaret Thatcher's electoral success could be linked to her superior performance before TV cameras, compared to her main adversaries of the era. Behavioural scientists have uncovered evidence suggesting she was an outstanding proponent of psychologically manipulative techniques.
Baroness Thatcher was loathed and despised just as much as she was loved and adored. If one side of the argument can respect the other, then that at least is half the battle. I might find the parties celebrating her death to be in poor and sickening taste, though people in this country are afforded the freedom to carry out such acts.
The Wizard Of Oz track which has had a surge of popularity in the wake of Baroness Thatcher's death is on course for a place
Thatcher is often described as a role model inspiration for women leaders. It is true to say that as the first woman prime minister she achieved high office and recognition never afforded to a woman before. However, as a woman leader myself - can I truly see her as a role model?
In the film, the song is sung by Judy Garland's Dorothy, the Munchkins and Glinda the Good Witch (played by Billie Burke
The funeral of former Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher will be held at St Paul's Cathedral next Wednesday and the Queen will
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