There may be two main problems. The first problem centres around the designation of the refugee status and the second, the designation of who is particularly vulnerable and resettling based on this consideration. Religious minorities struggle to be recognised under either.
UNITED NATIONS — For the first time, the United Nations has launched an international investigation into the crimes of the
It remains unclear what the future holds for the hundreds of westerners that have fought, or are fighting against, ISIS. For those that do come home, the consequences of their decision to travel, whether physical, mental or legal, could be life changing. In the legal context at least, it appears many were unaware of the potential implications. With more legal clarity, such a situation could have been avoided. The conflict in Syria and Iraq is not the first to feature large numbers of foreign fighters, but considering the outcomes so far, we should make it the last.
There is a myth that the Islamic State claims every terror attack in the West as its own. But even its claims of responsibility for events should be accepted sceptically. Let's establish a criterion that distinguishes between directed attacks - that is those organised by ISIS and those attacks which are inspired by ISIS.
Daesh's appalling actions in the Middle East are well documented, but most people have not heard the full horrors. They have committed crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing and war crimes against Christian, Yazidi, Turimen, Shabak, Sabaean-Mandaean, and Kaka'I people across Northern Iraq. The manner in which these awful crimes are taking place is truly shocking... Too often in history we have been silent in the face of atrocities. It is time we heed the warnings of past generations - 'never again' - and we ensure that action is taken against Daesh for their ongoing genocide.
However bad things get, we are not going to win the fight against the Islamic State by meeting hatred with hatred, but even now, I'm not sure those in power in Europe realise how bad this could potentially get; but be aware, the Islamic State problem can always get worse and it definitely will unless we seriously consider all possibilities.
In Syria, massive and systematic violence continues to take place out of sight, in centres of detention away from the war's frontlines. The release of arbitrarily held detainees, including women and children, would be an opportunity to signal a desire to change the status quo and to demonstrate a real willingness to solve the conflict politically.
I still remember those young days when my maternal grandfather Ohan Tabourian used to start his early mornings by carrying
Despite constant coverage of ISIS, known by their Arabic name as Daesh, Western media has overlooked the fact that a large proportion of their victims are ordinary Sunni Muslims - the very people they claims to represent. By doing this they are unwittingly aiding the narrative that Daesh is representing all Muslims against the West.
David Cameron has said the 70,000 ground forces in Syria are “not all the sort of people you bump into at Liberal Democrat