Islam in the United Kingdom

The Johnson of old, will not be the Johnson in Number 10, nor can he be. The country simply won’t let him get away with it, Fiyaz Mughal writes.
UK police will be "stepping up" their presence at mosques as fears in the community have "significantly increased".
Muslim women overwhelmingly bear the brunt of anti-Muslim attacks, but too often, they are also the target of hatred from other Muslims
We did not let the Taliban dictate to us when we gave asylum to Malala Yousafzai, so why are we capitulating now?
The community spirit of Ramadan reminds us that we cannot sit idly by. We must be proactive, we must have open ears, and open hearts
Spider-Man is a meme for these times and what I think of when I see Melanie Phillips’ article about anti-Muslim bigotry and anti-Semitism
Gerard Batten defended his belief that Islam “glorifies death.”
No migrant should let a fictitious stereotype prevent them from bettering their life and assuming their own identity
Until the people of this country stop getting their information about Islam from the Daily Mail then I do not feel we can afford to stop humanising Muslims