Sadiq Khan has made a positive contribution to fighting terror in London. Zac Goldsmith's vile mayoral campaign, which looked to associate Khan with Islamic extremists, didn't fool anyone. And those spreading lies and hate by vilifying London's Mayor for their religion will not succeed in their goal of dividing the capital and the country.
The irony of the whole thing is that banning publications you don't agree with is a fundamental policy of fascist regimes. All students at City are automatically members of the SU and therefore automatically members of an organisation that has now adopted a fascist policy.
It is not fair to blame someone's religious beliefs, background, ethnicity, etc. for the actions of a selected few who share that when they are completely different people trying to live their own lives just like yourself.
Don't shriek, don't wail, don't be scared. Instead, let people like Mr Trump say their piece, safe in the knowledge that your superior intellect and argumentation will win out in the end. Because I genuinely believe it will.
Piers Morgan has become the latest in a swathe of public figures to condemn Donald Trump for saying that all Muslims should
Amazingly, this isn't the first time that people have found new and inventive ways of tackling online trolls. Game journalist
Shocking CCTV video footage has been released of an attack on a 16-year-old girl on an east London street. Tasneem Kabir
For every well-intentioned soul who takes it upon themselves to point out any controversy in the media regarding sexism, racism
There have been countless acts of terrorisms around the world but we do not hear the mainstream media or anyone else ask normal Jews, Christians, Hindus or any other religion to take accountability for these acts and quite rightly so.
The #illridewithyou campaign in a shining example of everything that's fantastic about Australia - even if as a Kiwi I have to say it through gritted teeth. Like the American cousins, they've got a lot of big, empty spaces, what is politely known as a 'frontier mentality' and a tendency to come across as a bit rough round the edges.