Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

The brutal Assad regime, under father Hafez and son Bashar, has perpetrated some appalling atrocities and we can't be proud of cooperating with it, but it is the only force in the region capable of defeating ISIL.
"Father, how far are they from Baghdad?" asks Husam's 14 year-old son as he sees the military helicopters fly overhead, bringing the injured back from battle. It's a question that makes him very uncomfortable. The "they" is the ISIS, otherwise known as Daash or Islamic State, and reputed to have already infiltrated the Iraqi capital with sleeper cells. Husam could leave. Like other UN staff he's been offered evacuation. And having seen fellow workers lose members of their families and having had to three times repair his house for explosion damage, you wouldn't blame him.
David Cameron faced further pressure to consider military intervention to prevent genocide in Iraq as the Government stepped
NEW YORK -- There is strong public support in both Britain and America for air strikes in Iraq, according to separate polls
The British aid effort in Iraq is to be stepped up to ease the plight of thousands of people trapped on a mountain as they
At least 500 members of the Yazidi Kurdish sect have been "executed" by the Islamic State, formerly ISIS, with some victims
Protesters in London, who are calling for help for the Yazidi The Prime Minister said he utterly condemned the "barbaric
When we invaded Iraq in 2003, our leaders made grand speeches about guaranteeing the future for all of Iraq's people. But then we let the place slide into anarchy and bloodshed, while our soldiers stood helplessly by. This is the future we made for Iraq.
A flag similar to the standard flow by the Islamic State, formerly ISIS, has been spotted flying above the entrance of a
Amidst the astonishing brutality and destruction being wrought by the radical Islamic State (formerly ISIS), one of the more