Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

As Israeli missiles lay waste to Gaza, Hamas rockets fly and innocents die in civilian planes downed in eastern Ukraine, Syria
If ISIS want Muslims to take their call to allegiance seriously, they should begin by protecting the rights of the weakest in their societies - the religious minorities... Despite ISIS' grand claims, almost every Islamic religious authority has dismissed their legitimacy to the Caliphate.
NEW YORK -- A couple of weeks ago, Dick Cheney, along with his daughter (rumoured to be the only willing collaborator), published
The threat posed to the UK by "pathetic" Britons returning from fighting with Islamist extremists in Syria and Iraq is being
Members of ISIS have set about destroying ancient mosques and shrines in territory currently under their control, according
Thousands of Muslims have gathered across Britain today to hear a message of peace. More than 5,000 worshippers attended
An Iraqi boy holds a weapon as he takes part in a gathering by Shiite tribesman to show their willingness to join Iraqi security
There are an estimated four hundred British fighters currently fighting in Syria. The question as to how the Muthanas of this world join designated terrorist groups like ISIS is more complicated than the media would like you to think. The story of Aseel and Nasser Muthana illustrates this point well.
A mosque attended by two British jihadis fighting with Islamist rebels in Syria has denied teaching extremist ideologies
The third British man, now identified in an ISIS recruitment video, was a normal lad more interested in football than mosque