A Dutch and British photojournalist who were kidnapped in Syria by Islamist militants have been freed by members of the Free
Egypt is voting for a second day in its historic presidential election, the first such free vote in the country's history
Egyptians are voting in the country’s first free presidential elections, 15 months after Hosni Murbarak's stranglehold on
Muslim youth in Southern Kurdistan staged a protest against what they perceived to be a blasphemous article published in a local magazine about Islam. Hundreds of youth took to the streets in the city of Hewlêr, some of them burnt down shops that sold alcohol, while others tried to storm governmental institutions.
There will be differences of opinion and approaches in tackling this. But the constant demonisation of Muslims and their institutions by the media, and the lacklustre response by the Westminster political class to anti-Muslim intolerance, is not helpful.
Theresa May is to visit Jordan "very, very soon" to try to strike a deal over the deportation of radical cleric Abu Qatada
A landlord who did not realise that he had rented a house to Abu Qatada's family said he experienced "the worst day" after
I wasn't alone on July 22nd in thinking that the attacks in Oslo and Utoya bore few of the hallmarks of Al Qaeda, but it certainly didn't seem that way to anyone watching rolling news coverage of the events unfolding in Norway.