Johnson lived in a £3.5 million Islington townhouse when he was the mayor of London.
“County lines” operators are using jaw-dropping tactics to snare vulnerable children across the UK.
Met Police boss describes the footage as “deeply disturbing” and said some of the techniques caused him “great concern”.
New figures show 4,266 people were counted sleeping rough on a single night last year. A former rough sleeper tells us how he's helping those most in need.
The Ritchie Street Health Centre in north London is closed until Friday.
In May of this year Rakhia Ismail was elected mayor of London’s Islington borough, home to over 200,000 people. A refugee from Somaliland, Ismail said she never “in her wildest dream” imagined that she would one day be in political office.
Christel Stainfield-Bruce was knifed after refusing to hand over her mobile phone.
An 11-year-old initially arrested was released with no further action.
More than 60 murder inquiries launched in capital this year.
Many demand 'something must be done' - but to solve the current crisis, we need to understand it
Since 2011, I have been striving to fill the budget gap for Solace through a music fundraiser called Rock Against Violence. Now in its sixth year, Rock Against Violence has turned into Solace's annual flagship fundraising event. The event is organised and run by a group of volunteers who share the passion in our belief that we truly have the power to change.
'I completely had this idea about the croissant-munching elite.'
Shortly after midday a neatly-dressed woman pushes a pram down a paved walkway that is straddled on one side by a square
It ranked very low for wellbeing and happiness.
Islington in North London has been named as the worst place in Britain for women to live, according to analysis by BBC Radio
'This is what people want, not what the establishment tells them they should'.
“This is just great,” one couple in their 60s tell me. “We have always voted Labour and we probably would never vote any