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Russell Brand has called on big banks, pension funds and other businesses to cut their investments or deals that "facilitate
Is public engagement on social networks, and the gathered momentum produced in involving oneself with social media campaigns enough to bring about change? Can we expect a brief flirtation with a trending hash tag or a concerted online debate with others to bring about seismic change?
Israeli tank shells have hit a compound housing a UN school in the northern Gaza Strip, killing at least 15 people and wounding
The attack on Gaza is a globally divisive issue, most acutely felt in the region. This was evident in a recent debate on
A group of pro-Palestinian demonstrators had to be ejected from the Cabinet Office after staging a protest against Israeli
Pictures have emerged of rescuers battling to retrieve the bodies of nine family members and two others who were killed on
Close to a million Israelis in southern Israel are currently experiencing something reminiscent of the blitz on a daily basis, as Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups in the Gaza Strip fire rockets indiscriminately at their homes. The rest of the county is following rocket by rocket via round the clock TV and radio broadcasts and social media.
Thousands of people thronged to the centre of Gaza City to mourn the death of Hamas military commander Ahmed Al-Jabari, killed