israel-palestine conflict

The footage shows a crowd rushing to one of the boys as he drops to the ground “The images captured on video show unlawful
An important question needs to be asked: is the Likud party really interested in peace?
We now need to do whatever it takes to break the cycle of despair and empower those who would eschew conflict and take risks for peace. President Bill Clinton as a new special envoy to the region? Bring it on. And even the Palestinian UN bid, viewed with great suspicion by many supporters of Israel. Labour is backing the bid in the hope it will help restart negotiations.
Israel operates two different systems of law for two different groups of people. One is significantly harsher than the other. Caabu is the latest organisation to call for an end to wholesale discrimination and ethnic segregation in Israel's judicial processes. They join Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Defence for Children International and the UK Foreign Office in calling for Israel to implement significant changes to accord with international law, and basic human rights.
The EU spends hundreds of millions of euros in aid each year to support Palestinian state building but then undermines this assistance by trading with illegal settlements, thus contributing to their viability and expansion.
The 18th of October was a big day in Israel. A young man, imprisoned against his will was released and flew home to be reunited with friends and family. I'm not talking about Gilad Shalit, I am in fact referring to myself.
Israeli marines have boarded a yacht carrying pro-Palestinian activists heading for the Gaza Strip after warning the crew