Isy Suttie

Now I've got a one year old, and I don't look upon my mates who don't have kids as unlucky or lucky - I see them, if I can keep my eyes open, as mates who I dearly love. What I used to regard as an obsession with one's children I now know as the act of freaking out that someone as inept as you is in charge of a small things's life and safety. As worrying about being judged by other parents for a whole tiresome rainbow of reasons.
For the next few months, The Jewish Thing is my life. I'm the co-writer (with the play's director, Matthew Lloyd) of a new verbatim play for London's re-branded Jewish Community Centre, JW3. I will also be one of its four actors (others include Peep Show's Isy Suttie). The project has involved extensive interviews with dozens of Jewish Londoners about their families.