it gets better

Anyone who has experienced it will know. Bullying is a horrible thing. It eats away at a person's confidence and inculcates them with a fear that can take hold and make them afraid to go about their daily life. That fear is what bullies thrive on.
Whilst I forgive them, I will never forget. The universe has an uncanny habit of restoring balance and so I rest in the comfort that one day they might have to answer to me as their boss. Until then, I wear the same armour I developed in high school - it has proven very effective thus far.
What really draws attention are the vocals of Horse. With over two decades in the industry, she still feels fresh and shows a real passion for performing. A raw emotion loaded display and the pure energy emanating from the stage left the audience, ultimately, wanting more.
Our whole world has shrunk since the internet became so easily accessible. Unfortunately, there is a dark and dangerous element to the wondrous world of instant communication.
When I realised I was gay, it was a scary and isolating experience. I felt like I couldn't tell my friends through fear of rejection and that no one understood me, but I found that one person who I could trust with anything and told them. It was one of the best things I ever did.
For the past few weeks university students have been working to develop a video for the "It Gets Better Project", in order
When you tell people that becoming a parent has introduced you to a whole new range of emotions, they probably expect you to start going on about loving your child in a way you'd never loved anyone before, that kind of thing.