italian elections

What significant numbers of voters in Italeigh have in common is a profound sense that conventional politicians have let them down. They lie, they cheat, they make promises that they have no intention of keeping - and, most seriously, they preside over a collapse in living standards that throws thousands of people out of work and creates real, palpable misery.
A by-election in the European constituency of Italy has been rocked by an incredible performance at the polls by a relatively
Legendary ladies man Silvio Berlusconi was on the receiving end of a topless ambush as he arrived at a polling station in
For a pollster this election will be something of a litmus test. Will social media campaigning and support translate into actual votes? I think it will. He won't have the curtain bonus of stigmatised far-right parties and candidates, and inside the booth some voters might think again about voting for an unknown is too risky.