Italian Politics

UPDATE: Doubts have now been cast about the veracity of the story, with the secretary of the Modena Lega Nord saying he had
Brand and Grillo's critiques of the current political establishment are potentially compatible with the kind of revolution of politics we need. But the destructive rhetoric that characterises their views, built upon the idea of an 'us' versus an irresponsible and corrupt 'them', who are therefore not worth seeking a mediation with, probably is not.
Vince Cable anticipated controversy when he announced the privatisation of the Royal Mail earlier this week. But now, he
While there are good reasons for liberal populists to be disillusioned, the solution is not to abandon representative democracy but to reinforce it. The liberal populism of Grillo and his ilk must be confronted before it's too late.
Even though Fellini was not around to direct them, the recent general elections certainly look like they are following his scripts.
A by-election in the European constituency of Italy has been rocked by an incredible performance at the polls by a relatively
Grillo causes a big problem for polling companies. While mainstream candidates tend to end up close to predictions, new, populist, and radical parties often confound them.
The seemingly unstoppable political force that is billionaire mogul Silvio Berlusconi, who emerged from his latest political
The conundrum of Italian politics is that those who are doing best are those who can portray themselves as the 'anti politician' candidates.
To shock is not enough for satire. Being merciless and brilliant is not enough either. What it needs for those who are reading it, listening to it and watching it to be scandalised. It needs a moral.