The owner of Virgin Media said it has no plans for a takeover of ITV after snapping up 6.4% of the broadcaster's shares from
I had been on tour eating take-away food and five cans of lager a night and was weighing in at 14 stone. I'm 5' 9" so I can't carry that amount of timber, I had a pot belly and I hated it, but not only was I in the worst shape of my life but I was also about to start the most physically demanding prime-time show on British telly.
Good news for all you talent contest junkies - 'X Factor' and 'Strictly Come Dancing' may not clash this year. After BBC1
To say that burglars are cowards is to play into the conventional political and media narrative that criminals turn to illegal activity because they are too lazy to make it straight. Which simply isn't true.
ITV has unveiled its new look and announced that its main channel, ITV1, will now simply be known as ITV from January 2013
I say, Lady Mary - do pass the smelling salts. That frightful cad from Peep Show is saying beastly things about us. The latest
Stupidly, I hadn't remembered to Sky-plus the game. And I didn't have my notebook with me to jot down presenter Adrian Chiles' actual words verbatim. But he definitely said it, I swear he did.
Former England soccer captain Rio Ferdinand, who was controversially left out of the national squad about to start its campaign
Harry Redknapp, snubbed by the Football Association in favour of Roy Hodgson for the new England manager's job, will act
Britain's Got Talent has fought back to edge ahead of BBC1's The Voice in the ratings. After being beaten for three successive