Ivan Lewis

Government minister Greg Hands was forced to backtrack after he claimed Labour MP Ivan Lewis had been suspended from the
'The Labour Party takes all allegations of sexual harassment extremely seriously'.
Labour MP Ivan Lewis has been suspended from the party while sexual harassment allegations against him are investigated. The
The Daily Telegraph has been forced to issue a correction to a Labour MP over how it reported his comments about anti-semitism
The election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party was as unsurprising as it is likely to be destructive to the party for at least the next five years. Yet the dire prospects for the future of the Party stem from a far deeper rot than simply the policies of Mr. Corbyn himself; the conduct of his supporters betrays a disturbing intolerance that will only further split and discredit the Party.
Rarely would a tug-of-love custody battle in Austria merit the attention of a British MP. Far less the attention of a House
McPoison. McPrickface. Mad Dog. Gordon Brown's former press adviser, Damian McBride, has been called a lot of things over
Damian McBride, the media adviser to Gordon Brown whose new memoir reveals how he briefed against Labour ministers, has launched
The five things you need to know on Monday 23 September 2013... 1) IRON ED BALLS? The shadow chancellor wants to be an iron
Former Labour minister Ivan Lewis has attacked former Gordon Brown spinner Damian McBride's "ugly" approach to politics, as
Three-year old Siphol runs the risk of being blinded for life. He has glaucoma, and has already lost the sight in one eye. There is surgery available which could save the sight in his other eye and prevent him becoming completely blind, but his mother refuses to take him to the hospital.
This summit offers the Prime Minister a chance to show Britain at its best, and the test for its success will be reaching agreement on some of the most challenging issues facing the international community. We hope he seizes that opportunity with both hands.
Following the demise of the Big Society and the 'green blue' Tories, aid was the last bastion of David Cameron's claim to have detoxified the Tory brand. However, by abandoning the moral case for aid and seeking to mislead people about its future use, Cameron is revealing how weak he has become.
From grassroots to international level NGOs; to the UN, the World Bank and the OECD, the message is repeated time and time again: gender inequality is a brake on development.
In rejecting Leveson's minimalist but essential proposal on statute David Cameron has divided his coalition and party while letting down the victims of press misconduct who genuinely believed he would do the right thing. Worse still, he has put his perception of the political interests of the Tory party ahead of the national interest.
For a country like Tanzania, support for the improvement of healthcare systems and educational provision is crucial, but it is also crucial that we empower people and give them the power to build themselves a better standard of living.
Ed Miliband has reshuffled Labour's shadow cabinet, promoting six rising stars of the new 2010 intake to his front bench