IVF treatment

'After two years of hell, I have finally been granted the chance.'
A woman has spoken of her joy after she won a court case to use frozen embryos, created using her dead husband’s sperm, to
A mum and dad are warning other parents-to-be to ensure they have full medical checks before paying for private fertility
Different dosages of drugs are used by different clinics, with some clinics even using 600 IU of FSH per day which is very high. Some clinics also give "off label" medication during the implantation phase and early pregnancy. It is concerning that there is no regulation as to what drugs are given and in what dosages.
Nobel prize-winning IVF pioneer Professor Sir Robert Edwards has died, aged 87. Sir Robert was one of two fertility experts
Denise Welch is hoping that by undergoing IVF treatment she will be able to have a baby with her new partner - at the age
A Conservative MP has said those who dabble daily with doughnuts should get their just desserts and pay for treatment before
The decision of an NHS board in Scotland to deny IVF to smokers has been labelled as “scandalous” by a infertility charity