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The comedian’s publicist, Monica Steyn, said that Morake and her family were doing okay, but were quite shaken. 
"The complainants targeted Morake's comments, but the discussion was engineered and shaped (to a certain extent) by her co-presenter."
"I was saddened and felt that Tumi Morake crossed the line with such a statement and unfounded idea."
"None of Morake's remarks sanctions or glamourises violence or advocates hatred," says Tumi's attorney.
"Afrikaans has always been a part of my life."
Tumi Morake's co-host says people should listen before they react.
The radio presenter and comedian is taking a break after the race furore.
Why is it that South Africans, as shown by this incident, appear polarized on an understanding of our past?
Both sides retreated from engaging their discomfort with honesty and compassion and reduced a vital debate in South Africa to a war of words with no winners.